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Promoting good health and holistic growth of your children

We offer affordable, high-quality child care program that is made accessible to all families all over Minnesota. At Valley Learning Center, we offer a peaceful and engaging sanctuary that will bolster the love for learning and holistic growth and development of your little ones. Working parents will be given an avenue to send their child to an interactive environment where their safety, happiness, and overall well-being is guaranteed.

Our professionals will care and nurture their little ones through a child-friendly curriculum. This curriculum will encourage academic learning, lifelong lessons, and wonderful relationship with teachers, classmates, and parents. We also uphold their health and safety by serving nutritious meals and conducting healthy activities.

Should you want to enroll your child, feel free to fill out our online enrollment form. You can also schedule a visit to our facility beforehand to see for yourself the amenities we have to offer. For more information, call us at 952-303-6189.

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