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Strengthening learning and abilities beyond the classroom walls

The first three years of your child is where the brain is at its peak of development. That is why allowing them to learn as early as possible helps in building their skills and enhancing their knowledge. Here at Valley Learning Center, we take education beyond academics. We teach our preschoolers lifelong lessons so they can apply it as they get older. A hands-on learning experience is provided to boost their emotional, social, and problem-solving skills, promoting confidence, creativity, and curiosity. They will be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

This program is designed to help your preschoolers’ get ready for their transition to kindergarten.

Should you want to enroll your preschool, feel free to fill out our online enrollment form. You can also schedule a visit to our facility beforehand to see for yourself the amenities we have to offer. For more information, call us at 952-303-6189.

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